Known Space     by Larry Niven

Larry Niven has created a fascinating galaxy - tales of known space. Ringworld has become a classic in the genre and I must admit that I'm quite partial to the stories in the books about the Man-Kzin Wars. I'm constantly on the lookout for books by him and those who work with him to expand the, er, knowledge ;-). Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle together, is a great combination. I enjoyed 'Lucifer's Hammer' very much and some of their other stories, like 'The Mote in Gods eye' and 'The Gripping hand' are books I've read more than once.


World of Ptavvs.

The Sea Statue, found off the Brazilian continental shelf, is approximately humanoid and mirror surfaced, however Earth's scientists have never linked it to any known culture. Additionally there is the curious fact that it is impervious to all forms of electromagnetic radiation and has remained corrosion free under the sea for an unknown length of time. This and the mystery of the statue's origin can only be solved by Larry Greenberg, a telepath who communicates with dolphins, and Dorcas Jansky's prototype time- retarding field. The truth proves to be more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.
A shorter version of this story appeared in Worlds of Tomorrow, March 1965.

Achilles' Choice (with Steven Barnes)

The Barsoom Project (with Steve Barnes)

Beowulf's Children Vol 1 (with Jerry Pournelle, et al); Mass Market Paperback

The California Voodoo Game (with Steven Barnes)


An assortment of excellent hard science fiction stories. Beowulf Schaeffer is the recurring pilot-hero of many of Niven's "Known Space" stories, including some of his most famous, like "Neutron Star". In this volume they are collected and put in order, with a framing sequence. An indisputable aid to understanding Niven's other "known space" works, like RINGWORLD, and immense fun in its own right. Here you first meet the Puppeteers, you first find out the galaxy is exploding, you first meet the Outsiders and other aliens. (Niven does the best aliens in the biz. A few might cattily say his aliens are better than his humans.) A fascinating future presented by one of the best sf writers still writing.

The Descent of Anansi

Dream Park (with Steven Barnes)

Fallen Angels (with Jerry Pournelle, et al)

Flatlander/the Collected Tales of Gil 'the Arm' Hamilton

The most beautiful woman on Luna has been falsely accused of murder. Unless Gil can prove her innocence, she's doomed to end up as a sack of spare parts in the organ banks.But organleggers aren't stopping at robbing body parts from corpses. Now they're stealing from the living--and Gil is a prime target. From the author of Crashlander.

Footfall (with Jerry Pournelle)

Niven and Pournelle present thoroughly rich characters on both sides, human and alien. The alien culture is well thought out and fully developed. They have their own language and customs, both of which have a direct, visceral impact upon the story. Essentially, an alien vessel has been observed heading through the solar system toward earth. Not knowing what to expect but acquiescing to the probability of superior technology, earth awaits to establish greetings. Instead, they are greeted with destruction of the space station, destructive raids upon strategic installations earthside, and demands for surrender. How humanity assesses the situation and unites to fight for it's survival manages to induce feelings of pride and global patriotism within the reader. The human characters are multi-national, multi-ethnic, and brilliantly develop a means to thwart and eventually repel the invasion. The human culture and method of attack is sufficiently different from that of the aliens to completely throw the alien's attack methodology askew. Using present, cutting-edge human technology (no warp drives, phasers, or non-existent futuristic weaponry), with space-shuttles, chemical rockets, and ingenuity born of desperation, the humans successfully repel the invasion. The alien technology, although superior, is also plausibly explained in such a manner that makes it understandible as to why they were able to be defeated. Again, the story is in the characters and their participation in the events that give structure and life to the story. The physical appearance of the aliens is both outlandish and surprising, and meshes well with the cultural aspects of the story. The story is involved, exciting, visual, an excellent read, and impossible to put down once started. If a movie could be made adhering strictly to the book and it's storyline and events, it would make Independence Day seem like a Dick and Jane cartoon.
"Independance Day" is said to have ripped off this book. Whether you agree or not, you will have to admit that this book is MORE exciting than the movie. This is an epic story of an alien invasion of earth and our struggle to fight back. There is earth-shattering catastrophies, incredible battles and great human drama. I found myself sitting bolt upright in bed, furiously turning page after page through the entire last third of this book.

Gift from Earth; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Green Lantern : Ganthet's Tale; Larry Niven; Paperback

Inferno; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

The Integral Trees; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

The Legacy of Heorot; Jerry Pournelle, et al; Mass Market Paperback

The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Lucifer's Hammer (with Jerry Pournelle)

Earth is hit by a comet, causing giant tsunami that wipe out most population centres on earth. The book depicts the events leading up to the collision and the survivors struggle - not just against nature, but even more against each other. This book makes you realize how fragile our society in reality is.

The Magic Goes Away

Once there was magic in the world. But hordes of selfish, short-sighted magicians have use up the mana wich moved the world and even the powerful spells are becoming futile. Soon all the creatures of spirit, the unicorns and centaurs will have disappeared, and unless Orolanses with half a sword succeeds in his quest for the lost power, those stupid barbarians with their stupis swords will win after all....

The Mote in God's Eye (with Jerry Pournelle)

[cover]The basis of the story, mankind meets alien, is stock SF material. Niven and Pournelle however, carries it off with astounding grace. The aliens are a complex society, with endless currents and sub-currents moving through them. Far more than a story of conflict, this novel choses to explore a truly alien society, and predict mankind's reaction to it. Niven then goes where most writers do not, into the implications of the discovery of his new species, and reaches some unsurprising, but quite honest, conclusions about mankind.

The Gripping Hand (with Jerry Pournelle)

The long-awaited sequel to the landmark novel The Mote in God's Eye. A quarter century after humanity quarantined the aliens known as the Moties within the confines of their own solar system, the wall between them and the galaxy beyond is beginning to crumble.

N-Space; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Neutron Star; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Oath of Fealty; Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Playgrounds of the Mind; Larry Niven, Larry Nevin; Mass Market Paperback


In the first chapter of this book, titled Phssthpok, the first ever outsider (read: alien) has entered the solar system and it does not appear to be friendly. Its first act is to kidnap a native of the Asteroid Belt, Jack Brennan, and crashland on Mars. The second part, Vandervecken, follows the story of Brennan, whose lifespan has been enhanced enormously due to his contact with the alien, and one of his descendants Roy Truesdale in an interplanetary war that the rest of human space simply must not find out about...
The first part of this book originally appeared as The Adults in Galaxy, June 1967

Ringworld from afarRingworld

Louis Wu, the Kzinti diplomat Speaker-to-Animals and the genetically lucky human Teela Brown investigate an immense artifact outside Known Space: the Ringworld. The Ringworld is an enormous artificial world built in the shape of a ring, with gravity generated by the spin of the ring. During their investigations of the structure, in which they are aided by the Puppeteer Nessus, they are shot at by the Ringworld meteor defence, crashland on the immensely strong Ringworld floor, are captured by automatic police machinery and attacked by natives. Finally they escape with the help of a thousand-year old ship's prostitute and a peice of very thin wire. Sounds improbable? Perhaps, but it's a very good read.

Ringworld Engineers

Twenty-three years after the events of Ringworld, Louis and Speaker-to-Animals return to the Ringworld, which has moved from its stable position and is within a year of grazing the sun. Louis must find his way to the repair center of the Ringworld to correct the orbit of the Ringworld and save billions of sentient creatures. The climax, with a bit of ancient Known Space history and the surprise return of Teela Brown is pretty awesome. If you read Ringworld and enjoyed that then there is little doubt you will be as entranced with Ringworld Engineers.

[cover]The Ringworld Throne

At long last, Larry Niven returns to the world of his greatest fame: The Ringworld, subject of the award-winning classics RINGWORLD and THE RINGWORLD ENGINEERS. In this one, Louis Wu's attentions are needed once more, as Protectors are fighting among themselves, vampires (why not?) are on the move, and it begins to look as if the Ringworld itself needs a Protector all its own. But who will sit on the Ringworld throne?

The Smoke Ring; Larry Niven; Paperback

Tales of Known Space : The Universe of Larry Niven; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Three Books of Known Space

[cover]Three complete books in one take Larry Niven readers on a journey into Known Space. This book puts all the pieces in chronological order, updates the timeline, and includes some of Niven's thoughts on his universe as well as a complete bibliography of his work.

World Out of Time; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Battle for the Planet of the Apes; Gerrold D., L. Niven; Hardcover (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Convergent Series; Larry Niven; Paperback (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Destiny's Road ; Larry Niven; Hardcover; $22.46 (Not Yet Published -- On Order)

Fallen Angels/Go Tell the Spartans/Prince of Sparta/Computer Disk (Turbo Books); Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle; Hardcover (Special Order)

Limits; Larry Niven; Paperback (Special Order)

Niven's Laws; Larry Niven; Hardcover (Special Order)

Man-kzin wars

The Man-Kzin Wars I; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

The Man-Kzin Wars II; Larry Niven; Mass Market Paperback

Man-Kzin Wars III

The Mind Slavers are back--and only the cat-like Kzinti can save mankind now. This volume includes all-new tales of Larry Niven's Known Space--including one by Niven himself. Another blockbuster in the ongoing chronicle of humanity's greatest war.

Man-Kzin Wars IV Greg Bear, S.M. Stirling, Donald Kigsbury.

This book holds two stories - 'The Survivor' and 'The man who would be Kzin' - both good stories.

Man-Kzin Wars V (With Jerry Pournelle, S.M. Stirling, Thomas T. Thomas)

The time-honored tradition of the ultra-successful Man-Kzin Wars saga continues with the fifth exciting book in the series, two fine short novels in a single volume. Mother Lode by Jerry Pournelle and Steve Stirling and Hey Diddle Diddle by Thomas T. Thomas both tell of humans and Kzini teaming up for adventure in the calm between the wars.

Man-Kzin Wars VI (With Donald Kingsbury, Mark O. Martin, Gregory Benford)

The man-killing cats from Kzin are back in short novels by Gregory Benford, Mark O. Martin and Donald Kingsbury. The Kzin Third Fleet has decided a change of strategy is in order after two unpleasant defeats at the hands of the humans (or "monkeys") from Earth. Only luck or the Outsiders can save us now. . . .

Man-Kzin Wars VII

Bruno was the most stable linker, but linkers always went catatonic after a certain amount of time connected to high level computers. Bruno knew intellectually that he had to minimize link time. But with the link he was so much more--he could see all. He could extract all possible effectiveness from his ship and maybe save himself and his love from a horrible fate.


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