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After finishing The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, I started looking for other books in the genre and came across the Shannara triology. I bought the three books for $1.50 each - quite a bargain. I've purchased First King of Shannara for christmas, but haven't had the time to read it yet.

Terry Brooks is also the father of the Magic Kingdom series. This series is on the softer, humorous side, whereas the Shannara books are more like Tolkien. I love both series.

Brooks' newest series, is headed by Running with the Demon, wich is by Knight of the Word.

Terry Brooks has recently written the novelization of the first of the three new Star Wars movies.

After that, expect something in Shannara or Landover, possibly one of two new books starring Walker Boh that take place after the events in The Talismans of Shannara. Then, you will probably see the third book in the Demon trilogy.


Magic Kingdom of Landover

[cover]Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! Following his enormous worldwide success with the Shannara series, Terry Brooks began a new series of fantasies that has expand his already enormous audience. The Magic Kingdom of Landover novels are on the softer, more humorous side of the fantasy genre.

The Black Unicorn A year had passed since Ben Holiday bought the Magic Kingdom from the Wizard Meeks, only to find his road to the crown filled with pitfalls and hazards. Then one night, Ben woke to find Meeks had cast a spell to assume Ben's appearance. Ben soon found himself an outcast, unrecognized by any friend.

Wizard at Large The peace in Ben Holiday's Magic Kingdom is suddenly shattered as Court Wizard Questor tries to return the dog Abernathy to human form--and fails. Now Ben must travel to Earth, accompanied by his green love, Willow, to find Abernathy. With Willow and Ben suddenly in danger, Questor attempts to use his magic to save them.

[cover]The Tangle Box Troublesome magical trickster Horris Kew has unleashed a powerful evil sorcerer who's bent on ruling Landover. And that means destroying its king, Ben Holiday.

[cover]Witches' Brew Former Chicago lawyer and now High Lord of the Magic Kingdom of Landover Ben Holiday wanted only to live in peace and watch his new daughter grow up. But Rydall, a king of lands beyond the fairy mist, threatened to invade unles Ben could defeat seven champions. Ben had no choice but to fight--for his daughter had been snatched, and Rydall held the key to her fate.

Magic Kingdom 3 Volume Boxed Set The first three books in the Magic Kingdom series.


Fans of the Shannara series will recall vividly the first work of Terry Brooks, almost 20 years previous, as if they read it yesterday. That is the power of Brook's work. He employs a powerful technique of character and plot development that can be best described as "Tolkein-esque". Readers will be able to embrace a richly detailed fantasy world where the battle between good and evil form only the backdrop of a tightly woven web of classic fantasy writing. New readers will be drawn into this web and will find themselves unable to put his books down.

Sword of Shannara Long ago, the wars of the ancient Evil had ruined the world and forced mankind to compete with many other races--gnomes, trolls, dwarfs, and elves. But in peaceful Shady Vale, half-elfin Shea Ohmsford knew little of such troubles. Then came the giant, forbidding Allanon, possessed of strange Druidic powers, to reveal that the Warlock Lord was plotting to destroy the world.

Terry Brooks tells a classic story that you can't help but read again and again. It's all there: valiant hero's, deep and well developed characters, fantastic battles, a rich history, and the timeless fight of good against evil. The plot gets deeper and deeper, and in so doing pulls you ever farther into its folds. So grab a sword, join a party of Elves and Dwarves, and go in search of the legendary Sword of Shannara.

The Wishsong of Shannara Horror stalks the Four Lands as the Ildatch, ancient source of evil, stirs to new life, sending its ghastly Mord Wraiths to destroy mankind. To win through the vile growth protecting the Ildatch, the Druid Allanon needs Brin Ohmsford--for she alone holds the magic power of the wishsong.

Elfstones of Shannara Ancient Evil threatens the Elves. Allanon, legendary guardian of Earth, summons Wil Ohmsford to guard the Elven girl Amberle on a perilous quest as she carries a seed from the Ellcrys to the mysterious Bloodfire. Behind them is the Reaper, the most fearsome of all Demons. Wil has only the Elfstones of Shannara--and he has lost control of them.

The Scions of Shannara The first novel in the sensational second series of Shannara adventures. Par Ohmsford, Wren, and Walker Boh--the scions of Shannara--must perform perilous tasks if they are to avert Shannara's terrible future. Par must recover the lost sword, Wren must find the vanished Elves, and Walker mustbring back the Druids and the ancient stronghold of Paranor.

The Druid of Shannara Quickening, the daughter of the ancient King of the Silver River, heals the dying Walker Boh, and they set out to secure the Elfstone. Their quest takes them into the perilous land beyond, where the Stone King has unleashed monsters to guard his citadel.

[cover]The Elf Queen of Shannara Book Three of this intriguing series. Commanded by the shade of Allanon, the Elf-girl Wren Ohmsford must undertake a nearly impossible quest: find the lost Elves and lead them safely through the demon-haunted jungles of Morrorindl--and back to the land of men.

The Talismans of Shannara The descendants of the Elven house of Shannara had all completed their quests . . . but their work was not yet done, for the Shadowen still swarmed over the Four Lands

[cover]First King of Shannara Hardcover Dark forces are on the move from the Northlands, and Bremen, an outcast Druid, learns of the huge Troll armies on the march and the Skull Bearers who act as their spies. To save the Druids, Bremen must convince the people of the Four Lands that their only hope lies in uniting -- and in using the magic they fear above all else.

The First King of Shannara is the eighth installment in Mr. Brooks' magnificent Shannara series, yet it is actually a prequel to the series. In this book, many of the things alluded to in the in the preceding books are revealed in detail: the fall of Paranor and the Druids, the forging of the Sword of Shannara, the discovery of the Black Elfstone, the origin of Allanon, and more. Whether or not you have read the other Shannara books, this book is still extremely thrilling.


[cover]Running With the Demon Hardcover Published 1997.
Fourteen-year-old Nest Freemark has known she possesses magical powers ever since she was five. She also knows that her grandmother has similar powers, as did her mother, who died shortly after Nest's birth. She does not know who her father is, and neither her grandparents or Pick, the six-inch-tall forest being whose visibility to Nest is part of her magical endowment, will answer her questions about him. But one hot Fourth of July weekend in Nest's hometown of Hopewell, Illinois, she finds out. That weekend, Nest meets Two Bears, a gigantic Indian who tells her that American society is in danger of self-destruction and that she may help save it. That weekend, wandering John Ross, who dreams of the horrible future Two Bears warns Nest about, comes to town and seeks out Nest's grandparents because, he says, he knew Nest's mother. And that weekend, a demon wreaks havoc in Hopewell, apparently to precipitate a worldwide hot war of evil against good.

[cover]A Knight of the WordHardcover The reviews of this continuation of Running with the Demon are not too good. I haven't read it myself, so ...

A Knight of the WordAudio Cassette icon / Published 1998Narrator: Kate Burton


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